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• Private Equity


• Real Estate

• Hedge Funds and side pockets

Distressed and Exotic Assets

Leveraging our strong partnership with a network of global financial institutions, we source liquidity in distressed assets and claims for our clients.


We are active on:

  • Non-performing loans

  • Distressed and defaulted bonds

  • Lehman Brothers claims and bonds

  • Icelandic bank claims (Kaupthing, Landsbanki, Glitnir)

  • Fraud claims (Madoff, Petters, ...)

Transaction Process

Hedge Funds

Private Equity

Debt Related Advisory


Debt - Related Advisory and Transaction Service

Threshold Capital SA provides debt-related advisory and transaction services to a broad range of clients, including governments, financial institutions and companies investing and lending in emerging markets, as well as debtor governments or other borrowers seeking to reduce their debt burden and/or attract new investment.

Threshold’s expertise and a substantial network of contacts extends throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Typical transactions include: (i) secondary market trading of; (ii) brokerage of debt for clients; (iii) structuring and execution of debt and currency conversion and recovery programs for creditors; (iv) acquisition and cancellation of the obligations of debtor governments; (v) advisory and due- diligence services for lenders and investors; and (vi) origination of new trade-related, project and general purpose financing within emerging market countries.


We are active on:

  • Origination, Syndication, and Synthetic Issuance

  • Restructuring and Advisory Services

  • Conversion and Transaction Structuring and Execution

  • Structuring and Implementation of Offset Fulfillment Programs

Commodity Trade & Asset Finance


Our clients benefit from our long track record relationships with institutional and private financial institutions like


This Network allows us to move fast and to secure funding at competitive rates and conditions.




We provide a Financing intermediation for:


  • Documentary Credits

  • Pre-export Financing

  • Inventories (Good in stock, CMA, SMA)

  • Shipped Cargo (against BoL)


Long-term Relationship

We are committed to delivering an outstanding value to our clients and will work tirelessly in pursuit of this goal.

Our clients enjoy a hands-on approach based on a deep understanding of their financial needs and their long-term objectives.


Commodity Trade & Asset Finance

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Threshold Capital SA is a member of the Financial Services Standards Associations (VQF), a self - regulatory organization in Switzerland pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering Act - officially recognized by the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).